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A cutting edge debt recovery and debt collection agency in Pakistan, provides services for Debt Recovery, Debt Collection, Asset Tracking, Documents varification, Identity varification and more. As a debt collection agency we have shown very good success to our existing customers.

Debt Collection Process : Steps for Debt Recovery




Final Demands / Phone Calls / Faxes / E-Mails

Although most clients may have already written for payment, a letter from a professional 3rd party i.e. ourselves does carry a lot of extra weight and a good percentage of debtors do respond. They appreciate that the warnings are no longer an idle threat. Strategic applications (particularly for ‘key personnel’ such as company directors) are also sent by fax and e-mail to maximise the effect.

Our team of experienced negotiators will also phone your debtors at key times of the day or evening to pin down decision makers and cheque signatories who may have avoided you in the past. We are persistent and tenacious.

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Personal Visits / Doorstep Collections

“Knock Knock !” Who’s there? It’s Jack Russell and we would like payment in full please now. We visit premises throughout the UK from Perth to Penzance, commercial or residential. We can also arrange international calls as well but these would be chargeable as we work in partnership with collections agencies in every country so please contact us for quotations if you require some.

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Court Action

If our pre-legal actions fail to stir up the right response and bankcruptcy is inappropriate, then it is time to move on to the issue and service of legal proceedings through the County Court. Since a recent overhaul of the Court service, all money claims are now issued in this way, although if your claim is less than £5K it will be subjected to the Small Claims procedure. Claims issued by this agency will be dealt with generally within 48 hours of receiving your appropriate Court fee and paperwork.

The debtor then has 14 days from the actual date of service to pay, admit the debt and make an offer, or dispute the action.

Some debtors may ‘try it on’ by returning the papers pretending they have ‘gone away’ which is where our process servers ‘kick in’.

Any disputed claim will generally end up being dealt with as a Court Hearing in front of a District Judge and Jack Russell Agency can where necessary attend with you or your directors as a Lay Representative as we are well versed in such procedures.

If the debtors still fail to pay once a court judgement is obtained then it will be time to consider the various enforcements procedures.

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This is often the most effective and quickest way of securing settlement but is best applied to debts of say over 3K.

The process normally begins with the issue of a statutory demand which is prepared by our in-house lawyers and this is then personally delivered by one of our nationwide process servers who charge a small fee.

This gives the debtors 21 days to pay up and our current statistics show that around 80% positively respond. If they ignore this, our customers then have the right to issue a Bankruptcy or Winding Up Petition against the debtor and for an idea on costs for this stage please either e-mail info@kapitalassociates.com

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Why Kapital Associates

KAPITAL Associates (KAs), is the only service of its kind that offers FREE national and international debt recovery and assets tracing solutions following the principle of No collection No fee.


"Our experience with Kapital Associates, has been very favorable. We would not hesitate to recommend your collection agency to a prospective client."

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