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A cutting edge debt recovery and debt collection agency in Pakistan, provides services for Debt Recovery, Debt Collection, Asset Tracking, Documents varification, Identity varification and more. As a debt collection agency we have shown very good success to our existing customers.

Core Services

Debt Recovery

The use of a Debt Recovery Agency is an excellent way of collecting a bad debt and can help improve your cash flow quickly.  Kapital Associates specializes in providing a debt recovery service throughout Pakistan.

Many consumers and companies experiencing financial difficulties will priorities their creditors for payment. This suggests those creditors who demonstrate the seriousness of continued non-payment are most likely to be paid first. Our debt recovery services can help do just this, and are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of prioritizing an account for payment.

Kapital Associates is a professional Debt Recovery Agency.  We collect both consumer and commercial debts and we always operate to the very highest standards. As debt collectors we are always mindful of future customer relationships and request payment in a way that won't offend or alienate your customers.

We obtain payment of an account utilizing a successful and flexible debt recovery process. We approach each case individually and request payment through a combination of letter,field visits and telephone requests. Our collection effort is escalated with every attempt we make to collect your account.

Our debt recovery services are a proven way of collecting a bad debt and normally result in the prompt payment of an account. However, should your customer fail to make payment after our involvement then we may recommend that legal action is commenced through the Courts.

Debt Recovery Benefits
  • Fast payment
    Customers normally pay faster once a Debt Recovery Agency is involved;
  • Increased cash flow
    Debt Recovery Agencies can help increase your cash flow by reducing the amount of debts you have;
  • Cost-effective
    We operate as no collection, no commission policy;
  • Low commission charges
    Our commission charges are low and only charged on successful collection;
  • Nationwide service
    No matter where your debt is we can help. We provide a Nationwide Debt Recovery Service;
  • More time for you
    By letting us collect your debts you have more time to spend running your business.


KAs are eveready service to provide you a solution. For better functioning and systemization of operational objectives, KAPITAL Associates intervenes for the following services for their clients:

Banking Laws Documents Verification
Civil Litigation Identity verification
Criminal Litigation Debt Recovery / Collection
Corporate Law Asset tracing
Private Investigation Merger & Acquisitions
Competition Law Privatization
Investigations / Verification of facts Security & Capital Market
Labour Law Corporate Finance
Insurance & Reinsurance Company formation / Law
Human Rights Oil & Gas Sector
Public Procurement Telecommunication Laws
Immigration Law Power & Energy Sector
Arbitration & Dispute resolution Drug Laws
Taxation Laws Customs & Sale Tax
Intellectual Property Land Revenue
Real Estate Service/Employment law


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Why Kapital Associates

KAPITAL Associates (KAs), is the only service of its kind that offers FREE national and international debt recovery and assets tracing solutions following the principle of No collection No fee.


"Our experience with Kapital Associates, has been very favorable. We would not hesitate to recommend your collection agency to a prospective client."

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