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A cutting edge debt recovery and debt collection agency in Pakistan, provides services for Debt Recovery, Debt Collection, Asset Tracking, Documents varification, Identity varification and more. As a debt collection agency we have shown very good success to our existing customers.

Kapital Associates

A national and international Debt Recovery Solution providing agency, KAPITAL Associates (KAs), is the only service of its kind that offers FREE national and international debt recovery and assets tracing solutions following the principle of No collection No fee!  KAs utilize people native to where the debtor is located, applies demands from nearby sources, and performs persistent follow up service. KAs are ever-ready to help you with a wide variety of tools, seasoned debt collectors’ team equipped with debt collecting and recovery methods tailored to satisfy each of their clients' specific needs, doing more than you desire while pursuing your assets.

Debt Collection & Recovery Solutions

  •  Collects debts beyond the power of any other debt collection agency in Pakistan.
  •  Recovers debts throughout the Pakistan.
  • Extensive debt recovery experience, to facilitate swift march of money into your account!
  • Largest network of offices and filed staff, all around Pakistan, to ensure that the most difficult of  debts are rapidly recovered

Our Strength

  1. Field Investigators reinforce  agency’s  efforts and guarantees efficiency in giving you the desired results
  2. Legal Representation to assure the sustainability of clients’ rights as creditors. Well-versed attorneys in local and international law involving debt collection, assists tracing and document verification.
  3. Motivated, visionary and experienced leadership
  4. Extensive network of offices and field staff facilitate the accesses in all the operational areas
  5. Trained, trustworthy and experienced staff in all regional and field offices to ensure the procedural smoothness and organizational efficiency of all the related processes 
  6. Capacity to spend more money to appoint more staff to reinforce the certainty of long-term partnership


Client Centered & Transparent service delivery and trust building

Our Mission

Establish durable, professional and immediate services providing network through provision of equal interest to all clients    

We believe

  • In human and institutional dignity
  • Value of clients and their rights  
  • Cooperation in crucial times when we need to work together

We Care

To make a real difference in enhancing clients’ credibility as your current defaulter can be your future costumer

Guiding Principle

Making the monetary give and take safer for client and customer by planting its basis upon trusted foundations of predictable honesty  

Main Premises

  •  Proper planning, cultural sensitive approach management are a primary part of leadership and management
  • People want a free conscience
  • Use system thinking -  focus on outcomes and serving the clients

Key Definitions

Internal Vision
Organizationa operating at its most effective and efficient level

External Vision
describe how the institutional-customer  trust would be improved

Proven methods to achieve purpose

Ultimate results

Outcome statement organization trying to accomplish

Precise, measurable, time-phased results

Actions required to produce services and results


Core Values (organizational)

  • Equality in all   interventions
  • Cultural Sensitivity in all operational arguments  
  • Democratic and unbiased approach
  • Accommodation and sensitivity to all views
  • Sanctity of Human Rights
  • Tolerance and Open-mindedness
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Fundamental rights of association, expression and information
  • Gender Sensitivity

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Why Kapital Associates

KAPITAL Associates (KAs), is the only service of its kind that offers FREE national and international debt recovery and assets tracing solutions following the principle of No collection No fee.


"Our experience with Kapital Associates, has been very favorable. We would not hesitate to recommend your collection agency to a prospective client."

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